Step Eight: It’s Showtime!

Once you have all of your cues loaded into QLab, it’s almost showtime!

In this post, I will prepare you to run sound during the show. I have never run sound for a production, as this is typically a job for a crew member, but some directors might ask you to. You will need to ask your director about the specifics of your theater, but you will likely be responsible for speakers and amplifiers as well as the computer with QLab.

In order to prepare QLab for the show, open the Lists, Carts & Active Cues sidebar using the button in the bottom right (circled in red). Here you will find a list of all the active cues, as well as stop, pause and play buttons.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 5.02.59 PM copy.png

These will all be useful for you in case you need to make an emergency stop, but the main button you want to know is the GO button. This button, in the top left (it’s hard to miss!) is the button you will use to trigger each sound cue.

Again, practices differ for each theater, but a stage manager will likely be standing by on the script to call when sound and light cues should be triggered.

During dress rehearsals, you will likely get the chance to see your sound design matched up with the entire production for the first time. You won’t want to make any drastic edits during the phase, but feel free to follow your instincts in making tweaks and minor adjustments.

After the dress rehearsal(s), it’s finally showtime! At this point, you have to step back and have faith in the sound design you created. If you followed each of these steps, you should be in good shape, and any insights you gain in retrospect can be used in your next sound design.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the show!

Ask questions and leave feedback in the comment section below. What have you learned? Is there something I forgot to mentioned? Follow Staging Sound to stay updated!


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